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The trees cry – a poem

Watching the water drops Trickle from treetops, Each one a tear of sorrow. Bare branches forlorn In the grey of the morn, As they wait for a better tomorrow. Even flowering colour Has never looked duller, In sunless cloud choked skies. It’s a pitiful scene Not a springtime dream, No wonder the trees do cry.

Spring Snow – a poem

Snowflakes fall in a flurry, Each one a flighty down feather, Winters last stand has defied The awakening of the spring weather. Flower blooms hidden beneath The new fallen snow as it lays, Shrouding the land in a cape of white Natures beauty in a wintery way. The Earth she stands still for a momentContinue reading “Spring Snow – a poem”

February morning – a poem

The mist lies low, Bare trees crow, Ominous through the grey veil. Sunlight refuted, Colours muted, Deep in the stony skied dale, Yet the birds still sing A joyful song of spring And spirits are lifted but slight Til a breeze busies through Then glimpses of blue And hearts are then filled with delight