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The trees cry – a poem

Watching the water drops Trickle from treetops, Each one a tear of sorrow. Bare branches forlorn In the grey of the morn, As they wait for a better tomorrow. Even flowering colour Has never looked duller, In sunless cloud choked skies. It’s a pitiful scene Not a springtime dream, No wonder the trees do cry.

Spring Snow – a poem

Snowflakes fall in a flurry, Each one a flighty down feather, Winters last stand has defied The awakening of the spring weather. Flower blooms hidden beneath The new fallen snow as it lays, Shrouding the land in a cape of white Natures beauty in a wintery way. The Earth she stands still for a momentContinue reading “Spring Snow – a poem”

Seasonal Soul

In Spring she stirred, Blossom cheered from every tree And her bright beating heart Bloomed with joyful glee. She skipped into summer Where the sun shined bright, She was wild and carefree Her sensual soul was alight. In Autumn she slowed Like brown leaves slowly fading, Her vibrancy dulling, Her minds shadows evading. Then inContinue reading “Seasonal Soul”

February morning – a poem

The mist lies low, Bare trees crow, Ominous through the grey veil. Sunlight refuted, Colours muted, Deep in the stony skied dale, Yet the birds still sing A joyful song of spring And spirits are lifted but slight Til a breeze busies through Then glimpses of blue And hearts are then filled with delight

Primrose – Primula vulgaris

The primrose is a perennial flower and a bloom of spring. It symbolises renewal, youth and optimism and in the Victorian language of flowers meant “ I can’t live without you.” The leaves and flowers are edible either raw or cooked and the plant is also used medicinally. Large patches of primroses were thought toContinue reading “Primrose – Primula vulgaris”