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The trees cry – a poem

Watching the water drops Trickle from treetops, Each one a tear of sorrow. Bare branches forlorn In the grey of the morn, As they wait for a better tomorrow. Even flowering colour Has never looked duller, In sunless cloud choked skies. It’s a pitiful scene Not a springtime dream, No wonder the trees do cry.

Red and White Roses

The symbolic flower of England is the called the Tudor Rose which came about from two roses, the white rose of the House of York and the red rose of the House of Lancaster. The crown was in contention and thus began a war between the two houses as to who should rule Britain. ThisContinue reading “Red and White Roses”

May Song – a poem

Bluebells have bloomed in abundance Spilling their colour in carpets of green, Nature stands centre stage now Singing her sweet reverie. A splendid rendition of joy, An operatic delight, Bright notes bursting forth Among hawthorn blossom white. Earths aria crescendos But not yet reached its peak, Once only murmurings stirred, Now the whole choir speaks.