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My Spirits Lift – a poem

Sitting aside the lake serene Bathing in glows of natures green A quiet place where I dare to dream In sunshine’s radiant dancing beams Here beauty bestows eternal gifts To heal the pain of grieving rifts In among the flowers sweet scented drift And joyful birdsong, my spirits lift.

Cow Parsley – a poem

Living on the edge, You are often passed by, But not overlooked, You are a gift in my eye. Your presence takes me back To summers gone by, To long country lanes And brilliant blue sky, Where your white foamy blooms Nodded in the breeze, Flower of the verge You are a sweet memory.

Listen – a poem

Listen, To the birds sweet summer song And breezes that whispers secrets bygone. Listen, To the creaks of the ancient tree And the gentle drone of the bumble bee. Listen, To the flap of startled wings And the merry tune of the sparkling spring. Listen, To the corvids raucous croak And the stories told byContinue reading “Listen – a poem”

Ivy – a poem

Ivy you are eternal spring With the boundless enthusiasm That you bring, Masking the ugly Of modern buildings Your heart shaped leaves They creep unyielding, Gracing green magic In every season Unfettered and flowing No rhyme or reason, Ivy You are eternal spring A protective presence That makes nature sing.

Ode to dandelions – a poem

Fields of golden flowers Natures herbal store A larder for the busy bee And more Shining in the sunlight Yellow rays a blooming Yet these wonder plants So quietly unassuming Persistently they strive Abundantly they thrive These blooms deemed weeds Are keeping us alive.