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May Song

Bluebells have bloomed in abundance

Spilling their colour in carpets of green,

Nature stands centre stage now

Singing her sweet reverie.

A splendid rendition of joy,

An operatic delight,

Bright notes bursting forth

Among hawthorn blossom white.

Earths aria crescendos

But not yet reached its peak,

Once only murmurings stirred,

Now the whole choir speaks.

Light and Shade

The sun shines

On silver pond,

Reflecting rays

Like golden fronds,

With resplendent crowns

The tall trees crow,

Bathing all beneath

In a dappled glow.

Summers contrast

Of light and shade,

The blazing heat

And sultry haze,

Yet cool within

The forest glade

Where glimmers of brightness

Glint and fade.

Photo by Hannah Semple

Midsummer Melancholy

Midsummer solstice,

Breathtaking dawn,

Feeling the energy,

The first rays of dawn.

Suns glorious beacon

Triumphant on high

On the longest day

Standing still in the sky,

Until those flames of glory

Flicker and sigh,

And sun slips away

Now that night has come by,

Last embers extinguished

Final sparks gone

Midsummer melancholy

As the wheel turns on.

Summer Days and Nights

Still stifling air,

Blue skies ablaze,

Sickly sweet scented meadows,

Languid summer days.

Sun falls from grace,

Pink streaked light,

Heady perfume heavy,

Sultry summer nights.


Wisdom stared in

As pure as angel wings,

It’s unblinking eyes

Drawing me in,

What did it mean,

This penetrating gaze,

Searching my soul

I could not draw away,

Locked in that moment,

Time seemed so long,

Then a ruffle of feathers,

And wisdom was gone.

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