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Poetry of Flowers


Dainty little daisy,

She quietly sleeps,

From her frills of pink

She dare not peek.

Little daisy dozes

In her warm cocoon

Until sunshine’s rays

Wake her into bloom.

Photo by Earth Mother Nature Lover

Yellow Flag

Yellow flag,

Your ensign seen,

Stood tall and proud,

A regal queen.

Shining beacon

Of the watery banks

With green attendants

At your flank.

Your beautiful bunting,

A fine display,

Junes jubilation,

A royal parade.

Celandine Stars

Sparkling bright

We welcome

Their twinkling yellow light

When days are gloomy

A hopeful sign

When celandine stars

Through the undergrowth shine.

Lesser Celandine – Ficaria Verna
Photo by Hannah Semple
Earth Mother Nature Lover

Welsh Daffodils

Golden bugles

Gladly blow

The last remnants of winters sleep.

Blooms a glow

In joyful triumph

Lighting up Welsh valleys deep.

Bonnets bowing

Fair headed beauties

Play for us a merry song.

Dancing in winds

Of wild abandon

On Welsh hills where they belong.

Photo credit to Hannah Semple
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