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Memories of trees

Through my life certain trees have stood out in my memory so I decided to write a poem for each of the trees I have connected with over the years.

Sweet Sakura

Sweet Sakura showers,

Candy floss flowers,

Her fleeting blossom blows

Wild petal pink snows.

Each moment loved and captured,

As her blousy blooms are brief,

Relishing in the rapture

For time is like a thief.

Photo credit to Earth Mother Nature Lover
(Hannah Semple)

Lady of Grace

Lady of grace,

Your silvery wood,

A pioneering presence

When you once stood.

Enigmatic elegance,

Tall and slender,

Your purity shone

With perfect splendour.

Sorrow sprang

When your beauty fell,

For I was enchanted

By your fertile spell.

Noble Pear

Noble pear,

Standing there,

Your gracefulness

Without compare.

Tall and proud,

Branches wide,

Laden with your

Female pride.

So many years,

So much seen,

You stand alone

As crone,

As queen.


Pensive beauty,

Her golden boughs


Like warm summer rains.


Her sunshine blooms


Poison in her veins.

Lethal enchantress,

She is resplendently


In her dazzling chains.

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