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Children’s Stories

Squirrel and the tree

It was autumn and Squirrel was collecting nuts to stash for the colder months. Before long he had enough and found a beautiful tree among all the others that was full of fruit which he thought would make a great place to bury his nuts beneath.
Soon winter came, the trees lost their leaves and squirrel went out to get a few nuts from his stash but where was the tree with all the fruit? It had gone! All winter, Squirrel looked for his beautiful fruit tree but never found it.
Spring came. Blossom of all kinds filled the trees and smelt wonderful, yet Squirrel could still not find the nuts he’d buried. Spring then turned to summer, green leaves adorned all the trees and the earth look lush and green and vibrant but still Squirrel could not find the nuts he’d buried.
Summer started to fade into autumn and fruit could be seen on one particular tree once more. Squirrel was overjoyed, at last his beautiful fruit tree had come back and he found his stash of nuts.
Wise Owl had heard Squirrel’s excitement and he flew down to see why.

“Why so excited?” Asked Owl
“Wise Owl,” said squirrel, “my fruit tree came back!”
Wise Owl smiled. “It was there all the time squirrel,“ he said, “your fruit tree just changed through the seasons. In winter it lost its fruit and leaves, in spring it became full of blossom, in summer the leaves covered your tree and now in autumn, the fruit has appeared again.”
Squirrel gasped in amazement. “It was here all the time?!”
“Yes,” said Wise Owl. “To recognise your tree in future you must look at its bark, at its shape and its location because trees transform through the year, as does nature itself.”

Squirrel and the wind

Little squirrel was tucked up in his nice cosy nest with Mummy squirrel. Outside the sky was dark with black clouds, the rain was falling, and the wind was blowing.

“Mummy,” said little squirrel, “Is the wind alive?”

“Yes, the wind is very much alive,” answered mummy.

“Then does the wind have feelings?” asked little squirrel.

“Of course,” said mummy squirrel.

Little squirrel thought for a moment then asked, “But how do you know the wind has feelings?”

“Well,” explained mummy squirrel “when the wind howls, that means she is upset and angry, then when the wind screeches it is because she is in pain.”

“Is she ever happy?”

“Yes, when she sings her sweet melodies through the meadows she is happy. When she whispers through the leaves, she is happy and when she touches your cheek with her gentle breeze, that is the wind saying that she loves you.”

“The wind loves?” exclaimed little squirrel

“Yes,” said mummy squirrel “And that is how we know the wind is alive.”

Little squirrel thought about this for a while and felt happy that the wind was alive and that she loved. “Goodnight wind,” he said as he snuggled up in his cosy bed and fell asleep to the wind’s song.

Alfred the squirrel

There was once a squirrel whose name was Alfred. Now Alfred was a very special squirrel because he was an albino which meant his fur was completely white. All his friends and family were red or grey but not Alfred.

Life was hard for Alfred, so even though he was super special it didn’t seem that super to Alfred. He couldn’t go out into the forest like the other squirrels because his white fur stuck out among the trees unlike his friends who scampered through the trees and seemed almost invisible.

Being white and not blending in meant Alfred was often spotted by his enemies who would swoop down and try to eat him. After a close encounter with an owl Alfred decided it was safer to stay in and so he did, often wishing to himself that he was grey or red.

“Why is being white so special?” Alfred asked his mum one day.

“You’ll see Alfred,” she soothed, “One day, all the squirrels will need you and then you’ll understand why you are special.”

Then one morning in the depths of winter, Alfred was woken up with a lot of noise. He wondered what was going on and when he peeked out of his home, he saw the world was white.

“It snowed,” a squirrel cried, “How will we go out and get our food?”

“We will show up too easily with our grey and red fur against the white snow!” cried another.

“But I won’t,” said Alfred

The squirrels all cheered, and Alfred’s mum smiled.

Alfred had fun in the snow that winter, playing and scampering around and gathering food for the others. Best of all, he finally understood why he was so special.

Squirrel and the Moon

One clear night squirrel looked up at the sky.
He saw how brightly the stars shone in the darkness.
“But where is the moon?” he thought to himself. “I’ve never noticed her not being there before!”
“There are no clouds for the moon to hide behind, so where has she gone?”
Squirrel scampered off to find owl in his tree. Owl was wise and knew lots of things.
“Owl where is the moon?” Squirrel asked, “Has she gone away?”
“No,” Owl answered “She’s just dancing in the shade tonight.”
“But why?” asked Squirrel
“Well,” said Owl “The moon has a special dance that she does. She dances the same dance roughly every four weeks and sometimes it means she is dancing in the shade.”
“Like tonight.” Said Squirrel.
“Yes, like tonight,” answered Owl, “Watch the night sky for four weeks and you will see her full dance, start from now as she is just starting a new dance.”
So for the next four weeks Squirrel watched the moon. Sometimes she danced in the full light, sometimes a little in the shade and sometimes a lot in the shade.
But no matter what night it was she always looked beautiful.

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