Bringing up plants

Growing plants I’ve decided is much like having children. You nurture, love and care for them from a tiny beginning. You make sure their needs are met, you feed them, give them plenty of fresh air, water and sunshine and tend to them when they are sick. Eventually they’ll grow up to be good and strong having given you much joy and some stressful times along the way.

When older they need you less but you still care for them and love them for the individual that they are. Each with its own personality. Some plants grow up quickly, others less so. Some are bright and sunny and showy while others are delicate and dainty. Some love the limelight, others prefer to remain in the shadows, some can be thorny characters, others can be rather a handful and some stubbornly refuse to blossom for years but eventually come into their own and is wonderfully rewarding to see.

They all come in different shapes, sizes, colours, each is unique and each is beautiful just like your children.

The Onset of Winter

It’s that time of year when the onset of winter is upon us. You can feel it’s slow approach. In the last few days the temperature where I live has dipped down and even though some days the sun is gloriously shining looks are deceiving. There is not much warmth to the late October sun.

It can feel a little melancholy with some of the trees bare and the brown dying plants, seeds already gone lining the pathways but it’s just another transition in the cycle of life, death and rebirth. And as much as it can feel a bit gloomy it’s the perfect time to prepare for winter.

After all isn’t this what nature is doing, plants dispersing seeds before dying, trees losing leaves to conserve energy during winter, animals storing food and finding shelter. We can learn so much from nature if we look.

Canal Community

Today is an auspicious day.

A stretch of the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal where I live is to be reopened after being closed for over three years. A group on Facebook that I belong to has campaigned tirelessly to get it reopened and today that day is here.

As fantastic as this is, I have gained so much more from this group and our mutual love of our canal. I have met many like minded people who all enjoy the canal for different reasons but who all equally want to protect this place that is a sanctuary for many, myself included.

Our canal is a place of beauty, natural wonder and man made ingenuity where humans and nature live alongside each other. We in the group cherish this and I have come to cherish many of them, regarding them as friends.

It started as a campaign called Bridge 46 to Five Locks and has become a wonderful caring community.

It became the Bridge that brought a community together.

Bridge 46 – The bridge that brought a community together

A slow stroll

A wonderful and warm October day, perfect for taking a slow stroll and discovering the little things in nature often passed over.

The bark peeling from a tree where woodlice are making a home, red berries twinkling from the dark green foliage of holly, the lone flower on the scrubland, a wayward ladybird resting on a fence and the wonderful contrast of light and shadow.

Natural beauty even in the places you wouldn’t really look.

Sunlight and Shadow
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